And back to WordPress

For a little while I was using a static site generator for to run my personal site. I liked the idea a lot, but it wasn’t necessarily that easy to actually use. So I’m back to using WordPress. I’ve learned that it’s good to use the appropriate tool for the the job, and what can […]

Managing Guest Bookings

I’ve recently started to use Trello to help me manage booking guests for Refracted Reality. When you’re trying (especially part time) to remember what guests are at what stage in the booking process (and who you need to follow up with) it can get overwhelming. Here’s an overview picture of my general process. Trello allows […]

New Workflows…

If you are seeing this then I have managed to successfully set up an automator action to take exported Markdown files from Ulysses, automatically process them through Python, and then upload them to my web server. Pretty cool huh?

New Site

I’ve reached the point where I’m finally leaving WordPress behind. I’ve been learning Python these days, and have started to do some Django development for my other sites Red Mug Media and Refracted Reality — my personal site on the other hand can be fairly basic, so it’s now running using Pelican. There probably won’t […]